Pupil AssessmeNT


Reporting To Parents From September 2015

For many years the Government has insisted that all assessment in schools be in levels and sub-levels. These have been reported to you as a 1C, 1B, 1A when children start the National Curriculum in Year 1, progressing to Level 4C, 4B, 4A and beyond to Level 5C, 5B, 5A in children’s SATs exams towards the end of Year 6.

The Government now insists this system is not used with the new, much more challenging, National Curriculum. At the end of Year 6 children’s exam grade will be a scaled score with a pass or fail threshold being set nationally.

All assessments a school takes now are to be determined by each school individually. There is no national system. At Kippax North School we use the Depth of Learning Index developed by Chris Quigley.

Click here to download parent information on the Depth of Learning Index.

As the new National Curriculum is more challenging and because children in higher year groups have spent many years studying the old Curriculum there are a lot of new things to study quickly in readiness for SATs. We are confident your children will continue to make the accelerated progress. This means the gap between the old and the new curriculum will close as quickly as possible.

Ultimately the Government’s testing system has changed. Here at Kippax North School each child will continue to be valued and treated as an individual with work set to challenge them within their capability. Kippax North School’s curriculum will remain as exciting and engaging as always.