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A new home for Kids Club

9 November 2020 (by Barbara Husband (Andy))

Please click on the title for an update on Kids Club provision for Autumn 2 2020

Kids Club has a new home for this half term so that we can welcome children from across our 3 zones to be socially distanced but to return to the family feel that makes the provision so special. 

The new base is in the Top Building in the HIVE (hall). We have tables, coat rails and resources set out in 3 areas so that safety measures are in place to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 

It's lovely to see the children socialising together, playing, enjoying their snacks and having a go at a range of art and craft activities. We have a new large screen tv so that we can keep up to date with the news and a few of our favourite programmes. Nothing beats having the freedom to play outside longer when all the other children have gone home. 

If you're interested in your child joining in with a couple of Kids Club sessions please contact Mrs Deaton or Mrs Carter at school or by email and they'll be happy to help.

Mrs Deaton:

Mrs Carter: