Kippax North Primary School

Helping Your Child


This section is all about learning and how parents / carers can support or join in the learning process.


We hope your child has an enjoyable time at school and that we can build a trusting relationship between home and school.  Please come into school and let us know about any worries you may have.  Remember we cannot help if we don’t know!  We would also ask you to support us in the following ways:-  

  • supporting our home/school policy
  • ensuring regular and punctual attendance by the child
  • encouraging your child to develop self organisation e.g. taking care of his/her possessions and preparing for the school day
  • not sending a child to school when they are ill.
  • taking holidays outside of term time.
  • supporting events to do with your child’s education e.g. parent’s evenings,  curriculum meetings and if possible social events which develop the life of the school.


Home Learning Policy - Children need the support and interest of their parents in their school work if they are to achieve their potential.  We actively encourage the participation of parents in learning.  We believe that by showing interest in the children’s work, the children’s enthusiasm will be supported in a positive way. We have a specific home learning policy which is shared with parents at the beginning of the school year, please ask if you would like a copy of the information leaflet. We believe that children gain an enormous amount from the enriching experiences that home and school can provide and these, in themselves, are appropriate and vital home learning tasks for primary age children. Click here for our remote learning information.


Kippax North Calculation Policy - Learn how we teach calculation using all four operations.

Reading Hopper Crib Sheet - Areas of focus for reading which need targeted questioning.

KS2 Writing Tips - Narrative and non-narrative writing tips and planning skeletons.

KS2 Reading Questions - Reading questions and prompts.

Book Review template - Write a review after you have read a book you enjoyed.

Advice for Parents on Cyberbullying - From the department of Education.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests: Information for Parents