School Meals

At Kippax North Primary School, we pride ourselves in supplying children with excellent food. We feel that it is one of the most important parts of a child’s life - to eat properly. Eating a healthy diet enables a child to live life to the full and gives them a better performance all round specifically helping with their concentration levels – which in turn affects achievement.

So we encourage all of our children to have a school dinner. We have a high uptake of school dinners at our school; it is good to know that our children are getting a well-balanced and healthy school meal.

We have a bespoke menu with three daily options. These meals use fresh produce and are cooked on the premises. The menus have been created by the school in conjunction with the catering agency. Cooked meals are served by Mrs Carrier and the kitchen staff. Children select meals from a menu using the “band” system.

Please let the office know in writing if your child has any special dietary requirements.

Some children prefer to bring a packed lunch from home. We would remind you that healthy eating is the building block for a healthy life for our children and request that sugary drinks are not sent in and treats are limited. Water is provided.

Meals are eaten in the hall in three areas in school and the children are supervised by a team of assistants.

There are special arrangements for our youngest children starting full-time school. The school day seems very long for our new pupils and we request that they are taken home for lunch for the first complete week. When they start staying for lunch they are supervised by our mid-day supervisory staff.

Dinner Money

The price of a school meal is

  • Foundation One - £2.20 per day
  • Foundation Two - Year 2 - Free under the universal FSM scheme
  • Year 3 - Year 6 - £2.30 per day

School dinners are a non-profit-making scheme, and it is therefore important that dinner money is paid promptly. Dinner money can be paid online via school money, by debit or credit card at the office or by telephone. Please contact the office if you require further information about paying.


Term dates 2023-24

Term Dates for 2023-24 Can be found here

Holiday Dates

Term Dates

Autumn Term 1

Wednesday 6th Sept to Friday 27th Oct

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Monday 19th Feb to Thursday 28th March

Tuesday 9th Jan to Friday 9th Feb

Monday 6th Nov to Friday 22nd Dec

Monday 15th April to Friday 24th May

Spring Term 2

Christmas Holidays

Monday 25th Dec to Friday 5th Jan

Half Term

Monday 30th Oct to Friday 3rd Nov

Half Term

Monday 12th Feb to Friday 16th Feb

Summer Term 1

Easter Holidays

Friday 29th March to Friday 12th April

Summer Term 2

Half Term

Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May

Summer Holidays

Monday 22nd July to Friday 30th August

Monday 3rd June to Friday 19th July

Application timetable

The below timetable applies to applications made to Leeds City Council. If you apply to another local authority, they may have different dates

Admissions Timetable (2023 start)
Applications Open
1 November 2023
Deadline date for applications for Reception places in September 2022
15 January 2024
Late applications
12 February 2024
National Offers Day
17 April 2024
Deadline date for parents wishing to lodge an appeal (please return appeal forms to the academy)
16 May 2024
Date on which Year Reception appeal hearings will be held
June – July 2024
Appeal decision letters to be sent
Within 5 working days from date of hearing wherever possible

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