Year 3

Year 3

Helpful information for parents

Book bags need to be in school on a Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Reading books are changed on a Friday and we expect children to be reading at least 5 times a week.

PE day is a Tuesday - children should  come to school in their PE kit.

Spelling tests are on a Monday, however there may be an additional test on Thursdays. We aim for children to get 10/10 on a set before progressing to the next set.

Swimming takes place during the Spring Term for Year 3.

Here are some useful websites to access at home:

How parents can help at home

Help your children to practise and learn their Rainbow spellings. . These will be tested weekly - on a Monday.

Reading with an adult is important to your child’s reading progress. Try to read with your child as often as you can, ideally daily. (5 times a week). Ask questions about their reading and develop their answers into discussion about the text.

Helpful documents

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In Year 3 we treat everyone with respect. We come to school every day ready to learn and try our hardest. We are proud of one another and always make sure that kindness is at the heart of everything we do!

What we're learning

This term we are learning about the following:

Science: Plants and Living Things

Art: Impressionism and Myths and Legends

Geography: Europe

History: Ancient Egypt

Computing: Coding and Internet Safety

DT: Pneumatics, Levers and Making Dips

French: Our School

Adults in our class

Class Lead

Miss Lowther

Support staff

Mrs Colgan

Our class rules and rewards

Year 3 class rules:

Always be respectful.

Put your hand up if you want to speak.

Always use your indoor voice when inside.

Be kind always.

Give eye contact to the person that is talking.