Staff Wellbeing

At Kippax North we prioritise staff well-being because we know that this is essential for cultivating a mentally healthy school, for retaining and motivating staff and for promoting pupil wellbeing and attainment. There's never been a more important time to support school staff wellbeing.

We believe that well-behaved, motivated, polite and considerate pupils have the biggest impact on staff well-being and so we have very clear expectations of behaviour at Kippax North.  These are underpinned and strengthened by-

-3 clear and simple school rules that all pupils must comply with

-6 school values which support excellent learning and conduct behaviours

-Consistency of approach (eg silent signals, what to do’s, classroom routines) which mean expectations of our pupils are high, no matter who teaches them.

This means that teachers can do their job well, free from distractions or disruptions.

Where behaviour falls short of our high expectations, staff are well-supported via a clear and simple behaviour policy.

In addition:

Teaching, Learning, Planning and Curriculum

  • Long term plans, medium term plans and centralised curriculum resources are provided to enable teachers to focus on classroom delivery.
  • Support staff are deployed across the school according to the needs of each cohort.
  • PPA time is protected, at the same time each week and staff can take PPA at home if they wish.
  • Subject leaders are given time out of class to develop their area(s) of responsibility. Senior leaders support them during this time.
  • Rather than graded lesson observations, the school uses Instructional Coaching to provide all teachers with continuous professional development, delivered by a supportive and experienced coach.
  • Staff access deliberate practice every week as part of our CPD offer.
  • SLT teach boosters to support class teachers.
  • There is an open-door ethos; staff are encouraged to raise issues without judgement.
  • There are 3 assessment or “data drop” points per academic year. Dedicated time is given on training days for teachers to complete assessments and data analysis.
  • There is a skilled and highly effective learning mentor in place to support staff with the pastoral needs of their class.
  • We encourage verbal and “in the moment” feedback where possible to reduce marking expectations. “Messy marking” has been introduced in reading.
  • We have developed clear and consistent behaviour systems, silent signals and school rules.
  • We deliver bespoke and relevant CPD sessions of no longer than 1 hour.
  • As appropriate, staff meeting time is given to planning or assessment.

Wider well-being support

  • We recognise and celebrate staff commitment and effort via “digging deep” shout outs in our weekly briefing document.
  • We promote openness about mental health in our school. The Deputy Headteacher is a trained Senior Mental Health lead.
  • DSLs access supervision via the trust Director of Safeguarding.
  • We signpost staff to supportive services. This are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • “Classroom cloud” is installed to alert senior leaders to online searches which may be linked to mental health.  
  • We provide spaces for staff to be non-child facing at break times and lunch times.
  • Thank you Staff breakfasts/ lunch are provided on training days as well as staff-room treats
  • We send an annual staff wellbeing survey and report subsequent actions to our local school committee (governors).
  • Tea, coffee and milk is provided by the school for all staff.
  • No expectation of answering emails outside school time
  • 7pm-7am email curfew with no expectation that staff will answer emails or dojo messages outside of school time
  • There is comprehensive support for ECTs/Red Kite students with dedicated mentors and regular meetings.
  • Our termly assessment and monitoring calendar is shared in advance of each half term so that staff know the focus.
  • All assemblies are planned and delivered by the SLT
  • We employ a number of external services to deliver extra-curricular clubs to pupils.

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