Year 5

Year 5

Helpful information for parents

PE is on a Thursday - please ensure your child comes to school in their school PE kit on that day including suitable footwear.

Friday afternoon electives allow time for your child to support their knowledge or further their passion of a personal interest. These can change on a half termly basis, examples are: bushcraft, drama, dance, cycling, gymnastics, gardening, chess and board games to name a few.

You may find some of these websites useful to support your child:

How parents can help at home

Spellings – Help your children to practise and learn their Rainbow spellings. Encourage your child to use new vocabulary in conversation as this will help their writing. These will be tested weekly - on a Thursday. Children need to get all of them correct three times before moving on.

Reading Home learning - Reading with an adult is critical to your child’s Reading progress. Try to read with your child as often as you can, ideally daily. (5 times a week). Ask questions about their reading and develop their answers into discussion about the text.

Reading books are changed on Wednesdays. Please ensure they are in school on that day to help with this.

Studyladder tasks are assigned weekly. If your child has been unable to complete the tasks, then they can attend Home Learning Club on Thursday lunchtimes. Please help your child at home by supporting time to use Studyladder

Helpful documents

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In Year 5 we strive to be determined, responsible and resilient. We value our world and those we share it with and aim  to always be kind, thoughtful and thankful.

What we're learning

In the summer term our learning will focus on writing to persuade the audience and portal stories, decimals and statistics, life cycles of humans and animals and  mapping skills.

Adults in our class

Class Lead

Mrs Doubtfire

Support staff

Miss Watson

Our class rules and rewards

Our class rules are developed at the beginning of the school year by our children and this year they are:

To respect our world Always be kind, thoughtful and thankful

Always respect others

Strive to be determined responsible and never give up

In addition we can earn cobbles for our SEAM, these can either be single, double or treble and are given for extraordinary effort or attitude. All cobbles are counted weekly and celebrated in our Friday assembly.