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Spring 2, Week 5, Squiggle While You Wiggle

Look at these lovely examples of progression in children’s drawings! The children take part in Squiggle While You Wiggle everyday. We always start with large arm movements – with scarves to music – strengthening muscles that we need to control when writing and drawing.

We then move onto practicing these movement with mark making implements, such as whiteboards and pens, paint, large chalks outside. We might be doing circles, up and down lines, zigzags, and as the year progresses we start turning these into letter shapes. It is lovely to see children applying the shapes we practice to their own drawings.

Please make sure you have seen the email that went out yesterday about next week’s Easter Bonnet Parade.

We are putting out a plea for plastic bottles to use in our outdoor water area. The sturdier the better. Large fabric softener bottles, the ones with handles are brilliant for transporting water. This week I brought in a well-washed car screenwash bottle.

Many thanks, Miss Riches 🙂

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