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At Kippax North Primary School

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Getting to and from school

Walking is definitely the best option! There are lots of benefits: it’s healthier than travelling by car, it improves the safety of pedestrians and road-users, and it respects nearby residents and parking regulations. Our gated entrance is for pedestrians, cyclists and scooter users. If you do need to travel by car, please park carefully and courteously.

We have cycle sheds to store bikes and scooter storage too. Children are required to wear helmets and hi-visibility vests when coming to and from school on bikes and scooters. They should use only the paths when they are on site and push bikes/scooters when on our school site. Bikes and scooters left on the school site remain the responsibility of parents.

The car park is for staff and visitor use only. Should you need to drop your child off at the school door please arrange this with the school office who will issue you with a parking permit.


We make full use of our extensive grounds with the children having access to three play areas: a quiet area, a playground for football and ball games and a playground for using the Scrap Shed to create wonderful structures and other playground games.

We operate a 'Come rain or shine' approach to using the outdoors where children play out whatever the weather so long as it is safe. Children wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions and we recommend good waterproofs/waterproof trousers wellies/boots and umbrellas to take full advantage of playing in the rain!

Foundation Stage have break times which are quite flexible. These are in their own outdoor area and Foundation 2 children join Key Stage One and Two at lunchtime.

Foundation Stage

The school opens between 8:40 and 8:55 am and closes at 3:15 pm

Key Stages 1 and 2

The school opens between 8:40 and 8:55 am and closes at 3:15 pm

**Morning break: **10:30 am – 10:45 am

**Lunchtime Foundation Stage: **12:00 –1:15 pm

**Lunchtime Key Stage 2: **12:15 p.m.–1:15 pm

**Afternoon break Key Stage 1: **Between 2:25 pm – 2:35 pm


Term dates 2022-23

Holiday Dates

Term Dates

Autumn Term 1

Tuesday 6 September to Friday 21 October

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Monday 20 Feb to Friday 31 March

Wednesday 4 January to Friday 10 February

Monday 31 October to Friday 16 December

Monday 17 April to Friday 26 May

Spring Term 2

Christmas Holidays

Monday 19 December to Monday 2 January

Half Term

Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October

Half Term

Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February

Summer Term 1

Easter Holidays

Monday 3 April to Friday 14 April

Summer Term 2

Half Term

Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June

Summer Holidays

Wednesday 26 July to Friday 1 September

Monday 5 June to Tuesday 25 July

Our Aims & Values

Kippax North Primary School aims to enable all young people to become;

Successful learners

  • Ensuring a curriculum that provides young people with the best possible learning opportunities and experiences in conjunction with the National Priorities for Education
  • Encouraging all pupils to reach their full potential, thereby raising standards and attainment at an appropriate rate
  • Promoting and recognising achievement and excellence
  • Enabling all pupils to enjoy the highest quality learning experiences by fostering a positive attitude to their learning
  • Ensuring that all pupils are encouraged to demonstrate good behaviour, self discipline and a respect for others

Confident individuals

  • Providing effective support to enable personal achievement
  • Ensuring a safe and secure environment for all pupils
  • Promoting an ethos of social inclusion and equality
  • Encouraging all pupils to be involved in and express their opinions about their education
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle for all pupils

Responsible citizens

  • Equipping pupils with the core skills, attitudes and expectations required to prosper in a changing society
  • Encouraging creativity, curiosity, ambition and enthusiasm for lifelong learning
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial experiences which will foster development of skills and competencies in working with others
  • Encouraging tolerance of diversity
  • Involving pupils in events to support those less fortunate than themselves

Effective contributors

  • Encouraging links to organisations within and out of school
  • Promoting effective partnerships between pupils, parents, carers, and the wider community
  • Ensuring that all pupils realise that they have an important part to play in the life and work of their school
  • Creating and solving problems independently and collaboratively in a climate of mutual trust and respect for others

Application timetable

The below timetable applies to applications made to Leeds City Council. If you apply to another local authority, they may have different dates

Admissions Timetable (2023 start)
Applications Open
1 November 2022
Deadline date for applications for Reception places in September 2022
15 January 2023
Late applications
12 February 2023
National Offers Day
17 April 2023
Deadline date for parents wishing to lodge an appeal (please return appeal forms to the academy)
16 May 2023
Date on which Year Reception appeal hearings will be held
June – July 2023
Appeal decision letters to be sent
Within 5 working days from date of hearing wherever possible

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