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Welcome to our website. We’re happy that you’re taking an interest in us.

Kippax North Primary School is a successful, vibrant school that strives to be at the heart of its community with its motto to ‘Aim High’ in everything it does. Our talented, friendly staff believe in creating a love of learning by teaching a wide curriculum, with lots of real-world experiences and chances for children to develop their resilience and confidence, ready for the next stage of their lives.

We want our children to be happy and kind to one another, and good role models in the community. We know this requires everyone in their lives to help develop their pride in themselves and in the world, which is why we work closely with parents and carers and communication between home and school is always strong.

We benefit from truly outstanding grounds and facilities, with football fields, ponds, wigwams, a cycle track, chicken coop, STEM lab, wind turbine and a birdwatching hut to name but a few. These are used to enhance experiences and lessons for children, knowing we are fortunate at Kippax North to be able to bring subjects to life.

At Kippax North, ‘we take pride in everything we do’ and ‘do everything for a reason’, but most of all we ‘Aim High’ for the future. This is because every child should have the opportunity to find and pursue their talents and interests to become well-rounded adults that are happy and contributing to society in a positive way.

I hope you find our website useful and that it gives you a sense of who we are. We would love to become the foundation of your child’s education, and welcome you into our wonderful community.

Mr Howitt


Brigshaw Partnership Vision and Values

Brigshaw Partnership Vision and ValuesWe're proud to belong to the Brigshaw Partnership, working together with six other school, sharing our experiences, expertise and resources to provide exceptional education and opportunities in our community. The Brigshaw Values are:


We are one team with one goal, unapologetically ambitious for all in the belief that every child can achieve, regardless of their background or socio-economic status. We work with each other and for each other.


We give 100% effort. We don’t make excuses or give up when it’s hard, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. We know success is achieved incrementally.


We are open about our successes and areas for growth and take responsibility to become better, every day.


Ethos and Core Values

Here at Kippax North Primary School, we firmly believe the two most important activities are learning and teaching. Our core values ensure that we are committed to developing:​

Successful, resilient learners​ by recognising and unlocking each individual’s promise and potential. We hope they will enjoy their time at Kippax North, and leave with an active love of learning, as critical thinkers with open and enquiring minds. We celebrate young people’s efforts and successes across the full range of personal, social, academic and extra-curricular activities and experiences we offer.

Responsible citizens​ who engage with their community at local, national and international level with a strong social and environmental conscience.

**Confident, tolerant individuals **​by encouraging high expectations and high aspirations and a sense of pride in, and belonging to, our learning community. Children who respect others’ differences, values and cultures, and have a generosity of spirit. We support and value all who study, work and play here by providing a safe, inclusive and secure environment in which to grow and learn.

A sense of morality and an understanding of what is right and what is wrong, encouraging our students to take responsibility for their actions.

As part of the Brigshaw Learning Partnership we also embrace the following co-operative values:

Self-help​ – helping people to help themselves

Self-responsibility​ – being responsible for our own actions and playing a full part Democracy​ – having an equal say in how things are run

Equality​ – everybody should be treated justly and fairly

Equity​ – all members have an equal right to be informed

Solidarity​ - taking collective responsibility and supporting other co-operatives and ​Honesty, Openness, Social Responsibility, Caring For Others

Term dates 2022-23

Holiday Dates

Term Dates

Autumn Term 1

Tuesday 6 September to Friday 21 October

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Monday 20 Feb to Friday 31 March

Wednesday 4 January to Friday 10 February

Monday 31 October to Friday 16 December

Monday 17 April to Friday 26 May

Spring Term 2

Christmas Holidays

Monday 19 December to Monday 2 January

Half Term

Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October

Half Term

Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February

Summer Term 1

Easter Holidays

Monday 3 April to Friday 14 April

Summer Term 2

Half Term

Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June

Summer Holidays

Wednesday 26 July to Friday 1 September

Monday 5 June to Tuesday 25 July

Our Aims & Values

Kippax North Primary School aims to enable all young people to become;

Successful learners

  • Ensuring a curriculum that provides young people with the best possible learning opportunities and experiences in conjunction with the National Priorities for Education
  • Encouraging all pupils to reach their full potential, thereby raising standards and attainment at an appropriate rate
  • Promoting and recognising achievement and excellence
  • Enabling all pupils to enjoy the highest quality learning experiences by fostering a positive attitude to their learning
  • Ensuring that all pupils are encouraged to demonstrate good behaviour, self discipline and a respect for others

Confident individuals

  • Providing effective support to enable personal achievement
  • Ensuring a safe and secure environment for all pupils
  • Promoting an ethos of social inclusion and equality
  • Encouraging all pupils to be involved in and express their opinions about their education
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle for all pupils

Responsible citizens

  • Equipping pupils with the core skills, attitudes and expectations required to prosper in a changing society
  • Encouraging creativity, curiosity, ambition and enthusiasm for lifelong learning
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial experiences which will foster development of skills and competencies in working with others
  • Encouraging tolerance of diversity
  • Involving pupils in events to support those less fortunate than themselves

Effective contributors

  • Encouraging links to organisations within and out of school
  • Promoting effective partnerships between pupils, parents, carers, and the wider community
  • Ensuring that all pupils realise that they have an important part to play in the life and work of their school
  • Creating and solving problems independently and collaboratively in a climate of mutual trust and respect for others

Application timetable

The below timetable applies to applications made to Leeds City Council. If you apply to another local authority, they may have different dates

Admissions Timetable (2023 start)
Applications Open
1 November 2022
Deadline date for applications for Reception places in September 2022
15 January 2023
Late applications
12 February 2023
National Offers Day
17 April 2023
Deadline date for parents wishing to lodge an appeal (please return appeal forms to the academy)
16 May 2023
Date on which Year Reception appeal hearings will be held
June – July 2023
Appeal decision letters to be sent
Within 5 working days from date of hearing wherever possible

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