Design and Technology

Our Design Tech Intent

At Kippax North we are “Digging Deep, Aiming High” with Design and Technology, delivering a curriculum which enables our children to become innovative and creative thinkers who have an understanding of the whole cycle of Design, Make and Evaluate.

Our six school values underpin the delivery of the D&T curriculum:

Resilience – we teach our children to take risks through drafting design concepts and testing their ideas, becoming reflective learners who evaluate their own work.

Integrity – children take responsibility for their own work, and are given time to evaluate and think about how to develop their work.  We want to equip them with the skills top contribute to future design advancements. 

Equality – this is essential for a productive and vibrant learning environment. We teach our children to be evaluative of their own and others’ work in a respectful manner.

Individuality – we build an awareness of the impact of Design and Technology on our lives, encouraging our children to become enterprising citizens who will have the skills to contribute to future design advancements.

Kindness – children are given design briefs and scenarios which require them to have consideration for the needs of others. We teach our children to work together on their design concepts, learning from their own evaluation of previous tasks and that of others.

Pride – We expect pupils to “Aim High” and give their best effort at all times throughout the process and take pride in showcasing their work. 

Our D&T Implementation:

Our D&T units follow the National Curriculum and enable pupils to meet the end of Key Stage Attainment targets outlined within it.  
Each unit follows the "Design, Make and Evaluate." model and allows pupils to develop their skills in 5 key areas; mechanisms, structures, textiles, cooking and nutrition and electrical systems (KS2).

Each lesson gives opportunities for children to retrieve previous learning to ensure key concepts are revisited and skills remain sharp. A model lesson plan can be found below. 

Pupils are expected to use the taught vocabulary and apply the knowledge and skills taught to their independent tasks.

Please click on the progression documentation below to see how “Dig deep and Aim High” in D&T.

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