Religious Education

R.E stands for religious education. In R.E we learn about the different religions worshipped in our world; their beliefs, traditions and practices. We also learn about our own beliefs and where we belong in our world.

Our Religious Education Intent

At Kippax North, we offer an ambitious, knowledge-rich, vocabulary-rich RE curriculum in line with our ethos statement, “Digging Deep, Aiming High!”

Core knowledge is built progressively to ensure pupils: 

  • Build a solid understanding of key beliefs and practices of religions and other World views, including those represented in West Yorkshire. 
  • Have opportunities to explore key religious concepts and common human questions of meaning, purpose and value.
  • To investigate how beliefs affect moral decisions and identity, exploring both diversity and shared values. 
100 Books to Read

Our 6 core values underpin our RE curriculum: 

Resilience- through faith stories and considering the moral struggles of key figures, children begin to understand all people face challenges and that our beliefs can support us in this. 

Integrity- the children consider right and wrong, good and poor decisions and consequences. 

Equality- Religious studies allow children to engage with diverse cultures and communities, developing an understanding of everyone’s right to faith and to be treated equally. 

Individuality- children understand that faith and beliefs are personal. Through exploration of a range of religions and perspectives they can develop their own ideas, values and identities. 

Kindness- children are taught to value and celebrate diversity and differences, including different viewpoints. They learn to express their ideas and agree or disagree respectfully. 

Pride- children learn to value themselves and their contribution to the World. 

Our syllabus is called, Believing and Belonging and contains 2 key elements

Believing: It develops pupils’ understanding of World faiths and other beliefs, exploring commonalities and diversity.

Belonging: It nurtures pupils’ awareness of the value of diversity as well as sensitivity to the challenges and questions  that different cultures and faiths can present. Pupils are taught to value the contribution every individual makes including their own. 

In addition to this, we teach children about other celebrations, religious festivals and beliefs through our diverse reading spine which exposes our pupils to range of cultures and voices, and through assemblies and our wider personal development offer.

Our Curriculum Implementation

RE is taught discretely throughout Key Stages 1 and 2, and as part of a topic-based approach in EYFS.   We follow the locally-agreed syllabus, “Believing and Belonging.” This is a comprehensive spiral curriculum which builds upon prior knowledge year by year. Staff ensure they track back to ensure previous learning has been retained before moving onto new content. 

We have identified the key vocabulary we want children to learn and apply in each unit. 

Units centre around the children’s experiences to begin with, to enable them to make connections before expanding outwards.