Our Science Intent

At Kippax North we deliver an ambitious, knowledge-rich, vocabulary rich Science curriculum inline with our ethos statement, Digging Deep, Aiming High!”. Core knowledge is built progressively to ensure pupils are furnished with the scientific knowledge and understanding to:

  • Work as a scientist
  • Have curiosity and interest in the World around them
  • Have the skills to explore the World and ask questions
  • Decide whether their scientific findings support their predictions and ideas.

Based on the National Curriculum, our Science offer includes clearly sequenced content and progression which marries up substantive and disciplinary knowledge to ensure all learning is meaningful, connected and accessible. New knowledge builds successfully on prior learning enabling pupils to make connections and embed a love of Science.

Knowledge and concepts are reinforced via a sequence of clear teacher explanations, questioning and carefully planned activities.

Our 6 values underpin the delivery of our curriculum:

Resilience - we equip pupils with the skills to answer unknowns through scientific investigations, applying the 5 enquiry types (research; pattern seeking; observing over time; identifying; classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing).

Integrity -children take responsibility for their work by self-marking, responding to feedback and ensuring their presentation meets our high expectations.

Equality - we achieve more by working together to share knowledge, resources and experiences.

Individuality - our curriculum empowers children as they become increasingly knowledgeable and develop their own interests in Science.

Kindness - we teach our pupils to respect and nurture the World around them. We ensure preconceptions around diversity, gender and stereotyping within Science are challenged.

Our Science Implementation:

Science is taught discreetly for one afternoon per week in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. In EYFS, opportunities to explore scientific ideas are planned in and amongst the half-termly theme and in areas of provision.  

Based on the national curriculum, our units encompass the 3 strands of Science (biology, chemistry and physics).  These are underpinned by the “working scientifically” skills which are woven throughout each strand, evidenced in our long-term plan and progression of knowledge documentation.  Knowledge is organised into units to enable children to make connections between previous and current learning. Teachers are supported in their delivery of the curriculum through the progression documentation which details the core learning to be taught, and clear lesson objectives.  Teachers use resources created by an experienced science leader and from our strategic partner, The Reach Foundation and from the Ogden Trust. These resources ensure that each child has a minimum guarantee of knowledge, vocabulary and experiences in their science education.

For more information about our Science curriculum, please speak to Mrs Smith.

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