Our PSHCE Intent

At Kippax North, we offer an ambitious, knowledge-rich, vocabulary-rich PSHCE curriculum in line with our ethos statement, “Digging Deep, Aiming High!”

Core knowledge is built progressively to ensure pupils:

  • Build a solid understanding of across three main strands: Relationships, Living in The Wider World and Health and Wellbeing
  • Have opportunities to explore the concepts through class teaching and also a range of outside bodies such as Leeds United and the local police
  • To investigate diversity, shared values and confidence in advocating for ourselves.
  • Planning is largely based on the PSHCE Association Skills Builder Y1-6 programme with additions from the Learning Mentor and SENDCO to ensure PSHCE based on findings from twice  yearly parent surveys regarding wellbeing and My Health My School pupil surveys .  All children are expected to be included in the PSHCE provision with background, language and SEND taken into account so all can access the full curriculum.

Our 6 core values underpin our RE curriculum

Resilience - children begin to understand all people face challenges and strategies to support our behaviour choices are developed.

Integrity - the children consider right and wrong, good and poor decisions and consequences.

Equality - Children are given opportunities to learning about diverse cultures, communities and opinions, developing an understanding of everyone’s right to be treated equally.

Individuality- children explore a range of different perspectives and learn they can develop their own ideas, values and identities.  

Kindness - children are taught to value and celebrate diversity and differences, including different viewpoints. They learn to express their ideas and agree or disagree respectfully.

Pride - children learn to value themselves, build awareness of their contributions to local and wider communities and build their own aspirations for their future.

100 Books to Read

Our Curriculum Implementation

PSHCE is taught discretely throughout Key Stages 1 and 2, and as part of a topic-based approach in EYFS. We largely follow PSHCE progression map. This is a comprehensive spiral curriculum which builds upon prior knowledge year by year. Units centre around the children’s experiences to begin with, to enable them to make connections before expanding outwards.

Relationships and Sex Education is taught in Y2, Y4 and Y6. Our RSE programme helps pupils to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes they need to live confident, healthy, independent lives now and in the future. Throughout the unit, children learn about the biological differences between male and female (Y2), maintaining healthy relationships (Y2, Y4, Y6) and the physical changes associated with puberty (Y4, Y6).