Our Geography Intent

At Kippax North, we teach a knowledge-rich, vocabulary-rich Geography curriculum in line with our ethos statement 'Digging Deep, Aiming High!' It provides pupils with a solid foundation of core knowledge including local, regional, national and global geography; aspects of physical and human geography; and fundamental geographical skills such as mapwork and fieldwork. It is designed to enable pupils to make connections and comparisons between different places in the world; to recognise how the natural environment and people interact; and for children to understand some of the main geographical processes that have shaped our planet. It provides a foundation of understanding to make them curious and active global citizens.

Our six values underpin the delivery of our curriculum

Resilience: we build upon previous skills and knowledge and use concepts and vocabulary that challenge our pupils.

Integrity: children take responsibility for their work by self-marking, responding to feedback and ensuring their presentation meets our high expectations.

Equality: we recognise that the lived experiences of communities around the world differ as a result of their natural environment, and how their environment has been used by people. We recognise different communities and appreciate their cultures.

Individuality: our curriculum empowers children as they become increasingly knowledgeable and develop their own interests about the past.

Kindness: we teach our pupils to be tolerant citizens who value and celebrate diversity, and who are respectful of the natural world and of those who need to live here.

Pride: we give our best effort at all times and take pride in showcasing our learning.

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Our Geography Implementation

Geography is taught discretely. Based on the national curriculum, our units are carefully selected to build knowledge sequentially. Geography is divided into strands of learning which underpin the substantive knowledge taught and which can be found on our progression documentation below. Our Geography curriculum starts with developing an awareness of the local area in EYFS. In KS1, we move to exploring the locality and a contrasting area of the UK (the coastal town of Filey) before expanding further outwards, looking at the UK as a whole and then a contrasting non-European region (in Australia!) In KS2 we explore a variety of regional studies (Yorkshire, The Lake District, Crete and Amazonas) amongst units focusing on fieldwork, map skills, physical processes (such as river formation or how volcanoes are made) and human geography (settlement, need and greed etc.)

Units of work are enhanced by a knowledge organiser which lists the core facts and vocabulary for that unit of work. Each lesson gives children opportunities to recap previous learning. Lessons are further supplemented by enrichment opportunities which inject fun and ignite curiosity into learning. Pupils are proud to share their learning within school and parents are invited into school over the course of the year for a class learning showcase event.

Please see below for our long-term plan and for our progression documentation for Geography.

Subject leader- Mr S Edwards