Our Music Intent

At Kippax North we are Digging Deep, Aiming High” with Music, delivering a curriculum which provides children with the opportunities to participate in and appreciate a variety of musical experiences, express themselves creatively, grow a love of music, and develop the knowledge and skills required to become musicians.

Our 6 values underpin the delivery of our curriculum

Resilience – the children build upon previous skills and knowledge, and are given low stakes opportunities to experiment and compose. We also take the time to evaluate our own work and think about how we can develop our music.

Integrity – children have the opportunity to perform, taking responsibility for their role as part of the group. 

Equality – music is accessible to all children of all abilities, and we celebrate each other’s successes. We engage with music from diverse cultures and communities.

Individuality – the children are given opportunities to inspire, empower, and nurture their own talents and interests. We understand how music is relevant to us and can help us to express ourselves creatively.

Kindness – the children are taught to value and celebrate diversity and differences, and that each of us have differing viewpoints on music. 

Pride – the children give their best effort at all times throughout the creative process and take pride in showcasing their music

100 Books to Read

Our Music Implementation

Our music curriculum shows progression across all key stages, from Foundation One up to Year Six. From entering the school in the Early Years Foundation Stage, children have frequent opportunities to sing and experiment with a variety of musical instruments and sound makers indoors as well as outdoors. This develops their musical appreciation and creative performing skills.  

Through their time at Kippax North, children will study a wide range of musical genres. We want our children to see themselves as musicians and to encourage their creative aspirations. We use Charanga Music School to ensure that children are taken on a journey that aims to equip them with the knowledge and skills they require to listen, play, perform and evaluate music. Children learn to play instruments, from basic percussion in Key Stage 1 and Year 3 to Ukulele in Years 4-6. The elements of music are taught so that children are able to use some of the language of music to dissect it, and understand how it is made, played, appreciated and analysed. Each year group has a comprehensive skills progression document which ensures that children have the relevant knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for Year 7 and beyond.  KS1 and KS2 have a dedicated singing lesson each week and perform to parents at annual events such as “Christmas Carols round the tree.”

Extra-curricular opportunities

Those children who express an interest are able to access one-to one instrument tuition in guitar or piano/keyboard, delivered through Link Learning. Children also have the opportunity to be part of their own rock band through weekly lessons with ‘Rock Steady’ which also offers them the opportunity to perform (keyboard, electric guitar, bass, drums or vocals). Brigshaw High School hosts an annual orchestra day where children from across Brigshaw Learning Partnership have the opportunity to come together and perform as part of an ensemble.